Wartime R.A.F. story.

It's middle 1941. A bomber pilot walks with his crew to their bomber to make a trip to Berlin, after Goering had bombed London.When they arrive at the plane there are two girls waiting for them.

Pilot to the girls (all dressed up for the trip,complete with flying suits and parachutes) "What the hell are you doing here?". One of the girls: "We are reporters for Life Magazine and have permission from your commander to fly with you so that we can make notes and photo's for an article for our magazine".

Pilot: "Not on your Nelly,we'll see about that". With those words he walks away, back to the briefing office to have a pow wow with his Commander.

The Commander however explains to him that he has to take the girls because the Government wants to get the Yanks war minded too. The pilot walks back to the plane and allows the girls to fly with them.

When they get over Berlin the plane is hit and a fire breaks out. Intercom conversation between the pilot and the reargunner:

Pilot: "We will have to bail out".

Rear Gunner: "What about the girls,Sir ?"

The pilot had forgotten all about the girls during the raid and gets back to the reargunner with: "Fuck the girls".

Rear Gunner: "Do we have time for that,Sir?"