Translation of Nelis’ last Kronkel (not to rhyme)


With extra glass eyes, false teeth and a hearing aid I kept growing old at bay.

More and more often I took an afternoon nap if only not to grow totally exhausted.

Slowly but surely a constant feeling of tiredness made me aware that the end was drawing closer and closer.

The thought that I’d be glad when its all over still comes too early but there is a time when enough is enough.

The spirit is young but the body is wearing out and that’s when it hits you what you’ve known all along.

It would be great to go for a general overhaul, lubricate the joints, rejuvenate the muscles to strong flexible branches.

Unfortunately science has not advanced that far yet which is probably not such a bad thing because what a mess it would be.

Nature has created us as we are and that what I can feel more and more in this body of mine.

Slowly but surely the time draws near when it will al be over which may come as a bit of a shock to my contemporaries.

Then at a certain moment the old ticker packs up and you say to yourself: Cees you had a great time.